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2015年 愛知県西尾市 抹茶大使に就任

柴田武ファンページ セモア社チョコレート大使 柴田武
シェ・シバタ オーナーシェフ 柴田武

Chez Shibata has 4 shops in Japan and expanded 2 shops in Shanghai and 1 shop in Hong Kong.
In addition, we are expanding our shop in 3 areas including Guangzhou city and Hangzoh city and Changsha city in China.

In 2013, we had opened a shop in Bangkok as well.We have more than 10 shops in the whole world now.
In 2009, I was able to expand a branch of the first ever Japanese pastry shop in Japan abroad in foreign country.

We have a lot of offers from many countries.As for now, we are operating mainly in the center of Asia.Our goal finally is to put up a shop in Manhattan New York.

Now is the world gourmet needs sense of taste and skill from Japan.
Moreover, I feel that many Japanese craftsmen are not used to working overseas which is the negative side.My products are originally made and inspired from classic and basic French which is the most important thing.Always I work in the kitchen and is challenging the whole world and serves as inspiration for young Japanese!!
I am suspicious with the Japanese government and economy.But I love Japan. To give importance to my homeland is the signal I want to send to the whole world.

As a lecturer, I appear on some media in Japan and overseas.
From August 2010 I became the sightseeing ambassador of Tajimi City in Gifu prefecture.
And also became the Matcha(Green tea) ambassador from 2015.
2016 I was chosen as one of the three ambassadors in the world- famous French chocolate brand “CEMOI”.

シェ・シバタ オーナーシェフ 柴田武のプロフィール
1990 神戸「ジャンムーラン」
Worked at Jean Moulin in Kobe
1994 パリ「ホテル・リッツ・エスコフィエ」「シェ・ミラベル」
Worked at Hotel Ritz Escoffier and Chez Mirabell in Paris.
and Chez Mirabell in Paris.
1995 シェ・シバタを多治見市にオープン
Opened Chez Shibata Tajimi
2006 シェ・シバタ 名古屋オープン
Opened Chez Shibata Nagoya
2007 「ラシエット・ドゥ・シバタ」オープン
Opened Restaurant L’assette de Shibata Nagoya
2009 シェ・シバタ 上海オープン
Opened Chez Shibata Shanghai
2010 シェ・シバタ 香港オープン
Opened Chez Shibata Hong Kong
2013 シェ・シバタ バンコクオープン
Opened at Bangkok